Organic Inputs (Kalpa)

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Kalpa Organic Gold (coconut leaf vermicomposting technology)
Kalpa Organic Gold is granular organic manure produced by converting lignin-rich coconut leaves to vermicompost using an earthworm, Eudrilus sp.  (African night crawler) isolated from CPCRI fields. The vermicompost can be applied all field and horticultural crops.

Kalpa Soil Care (urea-free coir-pith composting technology)
Kalpa Soil Care is a simple technology for conversion of coir-pith to compost using organic inputs such as poultry manure, lime and rock phosphate. It is also suitable for all types of crops.

KalpaVermiwash (a liquid organic fertilizer from coconut leaf vermicompost)


ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI),Kasaragod

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