Orgnanic Input (Biofertilizer)

Agricultural Input Orgnanic Biofertilizer Agroproduct
CocoaProbio® (a PGPR-based biofertilizer for cocoa seedlings)
CocoaProbio®  is a plant growth promoting bacteria rhizobacteria isolated from healthy cocoa plants. The bacteria is identified as Pseudomonas putida.  Its application helps in raising healthy cocoa seedlings.

KeraProbio® (a PGPR-based biofertilizer for coconut seedlings)
KeraProbio®  is a microbial biofertilizer. Bacillus megaterium is the rhizobacteria possessing multiple plant growth promoting properties  that has been isolated from healthy palms. It is mixed in talc powder to make the formulation. Its application helps in raising healthy coconut seedlings.

ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI),Kasaragod

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